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PM: well, it was a fun afternoon. I made it to GL and cranked out about 35 pages of my newest book about the Civil War. Then, as the final part of Dylan’s Birthday weekend, Kip, D6, K2, KT & I went to Safeco to watch the M’s beat the BlueJays! Lots ‘o fun!

AM: Well monday started out slow and steady but quickly turned. After the usual morning of Starbucks, crossword puzzling and sending out resumes, K2 and KT dragged me against my will to Woodinville for the Red Hook Brewery Tour. Of course we had a good time. How can you not w/ 2 girls and their Minnesota accents! Then of course that led to Happy Hour at GL Bar & Grille, and then the creation of the S.A.W.E. at WingDome. All to be finalized with a hard crash on the couch watching Old School.

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