Fantasy Football Draft

PM: Well the party was fun, of course, and had great food… After my Fantasy draft I ended up w/: LaDainian Tomlinson, Culpepper, Moulds, Barlow, L. Coles, Philly DEF, M. Vick, T. Brown, J. Feely, A. Crumpler, D. Foster, D. Bates, A. Peterson… I don’t know who any of them are… Oh well- IJFFF!!!

AM: Hey it’s sunday! I don’t get it. How do I go to bed at 2am and still wake up, run 6.4 miles, read the newspaper and update Miketown before 10:45a? I just don’t get!… Anyways, it’s a glorious day in Seattle and I have a ‘Got Rice?’ Birthday party and a Fantasy Football draft on tap for today. Joy, Joy, Joy!!! Hey, I updated the Photo Gallery of Mike, now there are 80 of my favorite pictures of Mike there!!!

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