Unemployment Benefits Extended!

Well the world of Mike’s Underemployment got sort of good news- my unemployment beenfits have been extended to January 20,2004. Yeay for me! Besides that, nothing else is new. This morning was dark, cold and cloudy… a typical Seattle day in February, but the sun is beginning to peak out and I am on my way to GL. I finished that book about the Civil War today and have started Snobbery. We’ll see how that goes! Also, did you know that Tom Clancy has a new book out? The Teeth in the Tiger. It’s a lightweight for a Clancy novel weighing in at 480 pages or so.

I think I will end this entry with the sage words from my oldest brother, Mark, “Remember, you can pick your friends. And you can pick your nose. But you can’t pick your friend’s nose.” Ahh such excellent words of wisdom.

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