Villanova 5-Year Reunion

Look what came in the mail, the Villanova 5 Year Reunion flyer. Besides Brian Finneran, look who’s picture is on it. It’s great to think that they use a picture of me to get other “alumns” to attend. But does anyone know that I actually went there???…

Not too much going on nowadays. The sun is out today, which is nice… my brother sent me some episode of Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. Have you ever seen this show? I have nearly pee’d myself viewing it!… Monday night was the first game for MNF, so D6, Christian, Bong Bong and I encountered a full house to watch Eagles and Bucs play at The ‘Dome… By the way, I was named “Person of the Day” by K2 for Sunday- this is truly a great honor!…

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