The 7th

Tuezdaaye has been a very superb day… But I mean, how can it NOT be a great day when the Red Sox win a post-season series the previous night!… So I spent a good portion of the day, emailing fellow Sox fans and tracking down tickets to NY or BOS (no luck so far)… Anyone else hoping for a Sox-Cubs World Series?… I also had great Thai for lunch today in Fremont… I also won a Fantasy Football matchup by one-tenth of one point this weekend- WHEW!… This afternoon I tweaked my resume and came across a good number of positions at Nike in Beaverton. If you know someone who works for Nike in IT or HR please let me know!… What a great monday of friends, wings and a Red Sox Series win!… I’m looking for one of those red “The Time is Now… So Cowboy Up” t-shirts. Help me get one! PLEASE! (and NOT this one)…

 Here’s a great picture on the front page of today’s PI:

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