Thanksgiving Recap

Well, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Scrabble, Shopping, Turkey and Family… my trip to Connecticut was quite fun! The turkey with the family was great even though my portion was undercooked. THEN, on thursday night I was able to defeat my Scrabble Master Tim. By placing words like WAVED, PUSHER and JUMP, the Luke Skywalker apprentice was able to defeat his sensei-master Yoda!…

I had an interesting flight home yesterday. I was supposed to arrive into Seattle on friday night at 8pm. BUT, rainstorms around Northern Virginia delayed my flight from Hartford by about 2.5 hours. So we were circling and circling around western Maryland when the plane ran out of gas and we had to divert to Harrisburg to refuel. By the time I got to Washington-Dulles, my flight to Seattle had left and I was stranded for 13 hours- rescheduled to leave at 8:50a on saturday. The agent at “ Flight Travel Service” said I could get out to San Francisco later at 9:30p. So that’s what I did and it turned out to be brilliant… made even more brilliant when my upgrade cleared and said good bye to 21E and HELLO to 3D and coincedently a flyer-friend Lisa was sitting next to me (which turned out to be a HUGE debacle of multiple beer spillage)! Instead of 13 hours on the ground at Washington-Dulles, I got into SF at 12:45a on saturday morning. I was able to find a comfortable set of seats behind Gate 70 and I was able to nab 4.5 hours of sleep. I was up and ready for my 7am flight to SEA! Not a bad deal. I got in 2 hours earlier and got those extra miles for flying IAD-SFO-SEA instead of IAD-SEA!!!

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