December 6th

What gives to the foreign green Passat in front of my house? This damn car has tricked me more than once in the past week. Who do they think they are? Don’t they know there is room for only ONE Green Passat on my street??? AND mine was there first!…

OK, now some random MIKE comments: Karl Malone was suspended by the NBA for elbowing some dude from Dallas. No biggie, right? Well listen to this, in his 19-Year career this will be Karl’s 11th game that he will miss. 7 due to suspensions and 4 b/c of injuries. SIMPLY amazing!…

A new tidbit that I learned recently- I’ll call this What was Farenheit Thinking?- I mean 32 & 212 degrees for water’s freezing and boiling points??? Anyways, the story goes that Daniel Fahrenheit developed the thermometer, but asked a Danish astronomer Ole Romar what he should use for the scale. Romar thought 60 should be the boiling point of water and 0 should be “as cold as it ever got in Denmark” (because who likes negative numbers?). That set the freezing point of water at 7.5 degrees. But Fahrenheit thought the fractions were crazy, so he multiplied everything by 4 to get 30 for freezing and 240 for boiling water. Then, he multiplied the whole thing by 16/15ths for some unknown reason. Later calculations found water boiled at 212 and body temp was 98.6. And apparently, 0 is as cold as it ever gets in Denmark.

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