Casa Blanca or Casablanca

well the first day of the second week went off w/o any hitches. If I could just somehow eliminate all the other drivers on the road during my commute… Since I received such positive feedback w/ my Farenheit story from the early weekend (well just one email), I shall entertain you w/ another interesting tidbit from history… We all know that FDR was the first (sitting) president to fly in a plane when he went to Casablanca to meet w/ Churchill & DeGaulle in ’43. An interesting sidelight on that trip, the Germans intercepted and translated at least one of the cables in which that meeting was arranged. They considered bombing the meeting to take out the three top Allied leaders at once, but decided not to because they determined that their aircraft did not have sufficient range. However, German aircraft obviously had plenty of range to reach Morocco from Axis-controlled Europe. What happened here?… Give up? the reason the Germans didn’t bomb the Casablanca meeting was that their translator was too good. In addition to translating the text of the cable from English to German, he or she translated the name “Casablanca” from Spanish to German. The Germans read that the meeting was to be in “White House” and assumed that referred to the U.S. presidential residence. Since their planes couldn’t reach Washington, they left it alone!… How’s that for a bit of esoterica?

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