Less than 2 weeks to Christmas

Whoa! Christmas is in less than 2 weeks. So hard to believe. Don’t forget to go to amazon.com if you need any last minute gifts!… Well, I have finished two weeks of work so far and I am still employed!… I was able to get some presents today for family and friends as well. I love shopping for presents but I also like seeing my shopping list all ticked off!… I was proud to see the counter reach 5,997 this morning. Not quite 6,000 for 6 months, but I feel we’ll be able to hit 12,000 before June 12th!… Did you know that a pound sign (#) is called an octothorp? And a wise person informed me that the dot on an “i” is called a tittle?… OK, that’s about it for now… I also want to congratulate my niece Quynh. Her soccer team won the Under-10 State Soccer Championship and she scored a goal in both the Semi and Final games. Way to go Quynh-bo!

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