Week Flying By

Wow the week is flying by… It’s already Thursday! Yesterday I got to experience “Bikram Yoga” for the first time. Yoga was something I’ve been wanting to try out and give a shot at but it just never seemed to work out. Anyways, my roommate Janna and I planned a time when I could accompany her to one of her 90 minute “workouts”. Ahh, heck, 90 minutes? of Stretching? Pshh- no problem! Right? Umm… yea… not so much. Did I mention that Bikram was done in a room with a temperature that closely compares to the surface of Mercury? The workout consisted of 26 different asanas, or “positions”, which were done in two sets each. I started out wearing a t-shirt, with rowing trau topped w/ running shorts. The t-shirt came off within 3 seconds. The running shorts came off 17 seconds later. Within minutes my body was drenched in sweat, I was touching parts of my body I didn’t know previously existed all while I was balancing on one foot with the other somewhere around my ears. My goal was to make it through w/o taking a break, but that wasn’t meant to be..About 10 positions into the session, I needed to rest and relax and regain my composure. After sitting (or laying) out a few I tried picking up w/ the rest of class. When I realized that my body simply wasn’t going to do comply, I continued my rest and relaxed light-headedly for 5 minutes or so. I dug in and was determined to finish. For the next 3 or 4 positions, I only did one set and rested for the 2nd. And then finally I was good for the final 6. By the time the 90 minutes was over, I drank approximately 64 oz of water (which was WAY too much) and lost about 128 oz of water as sweat! I really do think that I drank too much water and having that jiggle around in my stomach was what led to my uncomforting level. Needless to say I would love to try it again. I now know how to better prepare myself and I hope the second time I might get more out of it. For the last 22 hours since the workout, my body has felt amazing; I feel light and flexible and my skin feels great. Sure, I’m a little sore, but it’s a great feeling…

Following the two showers after yoga, I met up w/ Lisa at the Kiwi & Kangaroo for their Quiz Night. It was our first time there and we wanted to check out the scene. Jim & Susan joined us and we had a formidable team going as the newcomers. We didn’t win, and we won’t complain, but there was some shoddy scorekeeping there so next week we will be on a mission!…

And today, I was in Redmond for training. I got to have lunch w/ my old manager Kevin. Then being let out early in combination with having a carpool of 4 we beat the traffic and were home at Green Lake by 4:30. So, so far, today has been a good day!

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