Bear with me, the entire site has not been re-done. It is a continual work in process that may take some time to get done- have you realized how many darn picture pages there are???…

So it’s a sunday, and the first of the month- that means there’s a Friday the 13th!!!…

February 1st also means that Puxsutawney Phil comes out tomorrow!…

BUT Most importantly, the Patriots take on Carolina today in the Super Bowl. My New England blood has been boiling w/ excitement with the high hopes of another Super Bowl win by the Pats! THEN, to top it all off, the eighth installment of my most favorite-est TV show, Survivor, starts right after the game. You heard it here first, my money is going to be on Rupert to win this All-Star Edition!… Besides that, what else is new? Not too much…

Dylan and I had high hopes for going to the Sonics-Kings game last night, but since he ended up working a bit later than expected and our sources for tickets didn’t come through, we just kind of stayed local and had a fun saturday night…

I started running again on wednesday. I have gotten in 5 decent runs in 4 days, building up for who knows what. My level of fitness isn’t anywhere near where it was this summer, but I have been able to see progress already, which is nice. I’m going to take today off to update The ‘Town, watch the GAME & Survivor and kick it w/ the NYTimes X-Word!

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