What to buy with my REI Dividend?

I guess I’ve just been relishing in my astounding IQ score- HA!… let’s see what’s new??? I used my REI Coop Dividend and bought a new pair of sunglasses yesterday. I was hoping that the act of buying sunglasses in Seattle would bring some- and it did today!… The 2 Aussies from Brisby (Dougs & Lock) who stopped by a week ago on their way south, made another pitstop on monday heading back North. To my surprise they left Seattle at 8a on tuesday (the 2nd) and made it to the Mexican border at 3am- Now I know it’s possible to drive to Mexico in 19 hours. Astonishing!… Today’s commute home took a mind-boggling 1 hour and 3 minutes! Wow!… OK, I just found out that Villanova is playing Seton Hall in the Big East Tournament now on ESPN… Gotta run to catch my first Nova game of the season!(

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