South Africa

Yikes! Over a month without an update to the Blog. I am SO SORRY. Honestly. Let’s see if I can give a quick update… Last weekend, went to Connecticut soaking up the New England Autmun Scenery. The leaves were great, and a fun time was had…There was my birthday on the 16th which was also the last day that the Red Sox lost!!!… The Sox then came back from, as you know, from 3 games down to beat the hated Yankees and then on to win the WORLD SERIES. AMAZING!!! No More 1918… Also, I was able to book two award tickets for N and me to go to South Africa. YES- SOUTH AFRICA here we come- SO Excited!!!…

OKAY I hope that’s good for now. I promise to do a better job in updating the Blog… I updated the Travel and About pages… and, oh yea, the Volvo is still kick-ass!!!

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