2 months

Whoa! What’s this? Yes, it is an update of the miketown.com blog. Shocking, yes I know!… Hey remember the article about Miketown that was on Yahoo!???… OK, there have been some picture updates on MoreMike.com, have you seen them?… A quick recap of what’s there… a bunch of weekend trips to Vancouver BC, Lake Tahoe, and San Francisco… I have also had some success in beginning to furnish the living room of my new place. I really owe so many thanks to Nina and her superior creative design knowledge with how great the place looks (so, thanks Nin!)… Let’s see, there are also an updated picture of Project Rubberband Ball… So if you want to help out… and finally, if you’re bored, check out Jon’s commentary about things happening in the world at http://www.BornAgainHeretic.com…

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