Baby Pony M…

For those of you who may not know, my friend Matt from DC, an occasional K&K Trivia attendee has started a sister Baby Pony trivia team in our nation’s capital. This trivia report is dedicated to them, our brothers and sisters in knowledge…

Consensus for trivia was attained and we were off to the Kiwi & Kangaroo. Dave& Lisawere the first arrivals to the packed pub and secured a window sill to camp out at. Mike arrived shortly before registration, we paid our $4 entry (for some reason he didn’t want our last $1) and the trio took to the stage under the moniker of Baby Pony Manganese… Like our namesake, we were hard and very brittle, fusible with difficulty, yet easily oxidized.

Round 1 was a breeze. We knew that gin came from the juniper berry. Only one of us had seen Midnight Express so we backed into the fact that he was smuggling Hashish. We knew Bobby Knight just notched win # 880, Courtney Cox’s new show is DIRT, Gulliver landed on Lilliput, Rutgers mascot is the Scarlett Knight, and Mexico City had horrible chances of being taken over by a tsunami (*dumbest question of the night award). Lisa knew that Loretta Lynn was the Coal Miner’s Daughter. Dave nailed Stanley Kirk Burrell as MC Hammer, and we all knew the Nato-Phonetic alphabet for “G” was GOLF. A sweet 10 for 10 and BPMn was on its way…

As we entered Round 2 our confidence was sky high and our roll continued. Our science minds knew that 100kgs was 220 pounds. Lisa knew that the Egyptian Theatre was on Pine and not Broadway. We debated the first word spoken on the moon, went with Houston and got another question correct. A guy playing pool tipped us off that the original Hollywood sign actually read Hollywoodland. After watching the Motorcycle Diaries, Dave knew that Che Guevera was born in Argentina . We worked on our Australian geography and figured out that Steve Irwin’s zoo was in Queensland. Naming an animal that ate meat and vegetables as an omnivore was a layup. Our first stumble was to name the movie where they said “Attica, Attica”- the guess of Ben Hur was incorrect and I never heard the correct answer (which I am OK w/ not adding to my trivia compendium). At this point we were wondering when our Notre Dame contingent (aka Team DeFrank ) was going to give up their hopes for a Bowl win against LSU and arrive. We knew that O_neg was the universal blood donor and Dave pulled out ‘Nobody Does it Better’ as the theme to Bond’s “The Spy Who Loved Me”. All in all 9 out of 10 for BPMn. 1 Wrong through the 1st two rounds and we were happy. Until…

The Picture Round… Isaac arrived just in time to assist BPMn. We worked on the faces and Clive Owen was a sinch. We missed out on Brad Pitt, the asian guy w/ the beard and Nicholas Cage. Isaac thought #5 was Urkel, and Mike thought he made the pull of the night w/ naming Jaleel White, but alas it was Winston Marsalis- who knew they looked so similar? We didn’t get that singer, but I knew Elizabeth Berkeley from Saved By the Bell and Showgirls fame. None of us knew the new Superman, but teamwork got us to Toni Collette. We name Natalie Portman in The Professional, but struck out on Yasmine Bleeth, the kid from Home Improvement, some other random chick and I thought that Tonya Harding looks like Tina Yothers. We ended the incorrect streak w/ Roseanne, pegging “You’re so Money” from swingers. Dave knew the guy was from Thank You for Smoking but we didn’t know his name. We went on a hot streak and got Point Break, Bill Bavasi, Resovoir Dogs, and LA Confidential. We confused Kate Moss w/ Kirsten Dunst. Mike instantly knew Portugese and Manchester Utd striker Christiano Renaldo. Dave got Kirsten Dunst’s eyes, knew Steve Hutch. Dennis Rodman caused some debate but we got it and after close examination I was able to convince that it was Brandi Chastain in a sportsbra. We finished w/ a young Jake Gyllenhaal and Lisa pegged the last one as Brittany Murphy in Clueless. A horrible showing of 17 out of 30. Quite embarrassing and BPMn was humbled.

As we moved on to Round 3, our foursome continued on knowing that it was (Henry) Foss HS in Tacoma where the shooting occurred earlier in the morning (Dave was also happy to point out that they had a strong swimming program “back in the day”), we knew the new UN Secretary General was from South Korea. Mike knew that the Adam Air jet that crashed in Indonesia was a 737 and was upset that he got no love for knowing that it was a -400. Another layup was at hand when we knew it that Starbucks giving up on TransFats. Knowing that Toyota was now the #3 car manufacturer in the US, we guessed that they’d be the world leader in ’07 and was surprised to get that right. Thanks to our Inca Trail guide Voldemort, we remembered that the Shining Path was from Peru. We figured that New Zealand had more sheep than Australia but were wrong. Isaac stepped up and knew that Bile was produced and kept in the gallbladder, but we were all stumped on which element Priestly discovered- interestingly enough it was Oxygen and not 90210ium. The geography question to end the round was in our wheelhouse… sort of. The capitals of Australia and NZ were easy but the Falkland Islands? The Falkland Islands? Really? We went w/ Whitehall, but we were happy to add Stanley to our knowledge list. Another 9 points to BPMn’s score and we were happy, knowing that we needed to make ground from our horrible showing in the Picture Round.

The fourth and final round started out knowing that you needed a viola to finish out a string quartet. Mike pulled Thomas Gainsborough out of his ass as the painter of “Blue Boy”. Of course we knew that Hannibal used elephants to cross the Alps, but we had no clue that the Parliament of the European Union met in Strasburg. We knew that there were 46 chromosomes in the body, that Kilimanjaro was in Tanzania, and Antarctica had 90% of the world’s ice (although 10,000 feet???). The last Apollo mission was 17 (not 16 as we guessed), and Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize in ’73. The final round netted us an additional 7, bringing BPMn’s total to a respectable 50. Close to some of our previous totals, maybe good enough for another free pitcher, but still about 10% off our high.

At the end, some team nabbed 3rd, Lotion in a Basket grabbed 2nd and, surprisingly, our beloved Baby Pony Manganese won the first edition of trivia in 2007 at the Kiwi & Kangaroo!

Our rake for the evening… $73

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