You can call me Moke

Well, actually only Villanova Coach Jay Wright can call me Moke. I sent an email to Jay on friday pointing out that if he decides to recruit Seattle Tony Wroten Jr. (who hasd ‘Nova in his top list), that I would help give him the lay of the land in Seattle since it is out of his usual territory.

 His Reply began with Moke… ah, but look at the keyboard- the I is next to the O. Usually I’d get mad, but hey this is Jay we’re talking about here.

 He gets a pass.


  1. Originally Posted By BrianSo Moke,

    So what did Jay say?
    Tony “hasd” has or had ‘Nova on his top list?

    Holy shit. Someone actually reads MIKETOWN?

    He HAS ‘Nova on his list. The kid is one of the top recruits for the Class of 2011- yes, he just finished his freshman year.

    Jay’s email…
    Moke – thanks for thinking of us – we’ll let you know if we come out there!! Thanks for keeping an eye out !! Thanks more for what you do for Villanova!!

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