Refills at Starbucks

So over the past few weeks, I’ve been finishing my cup of coffee quite early. It barely makes it past my bus ride in and my initial scan of my email. So, still needing some more coffee, I went down to get drip at one of the 5 Starbucks within a block of my office. Before I went downstairs, I was like- oh, I’ll just bring my mug and save a cup for the environment. So instead of paying $1.90 for a grande drip, my refill was only ¢55.

Think about the investment a mug can be- figuring an average $10 mug, you will recoup that money before your 8th cup. And this doesn’t even consider the environmental impact of using fewer cups.

So go out and get yourself a new mug to use on a daily basis. Save yourself some money. Cut down on waste.

Empty Starbucks

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