THE Willie Smith Video continued…

As you remember, last month I (re)found the infamous video of Willie Smith from the 1990 US Track & Field Championships and uploaded it to YouTube [if you haven’t seen the video before, watch it now]

Well… this morning, I got a message from someone claiming to be Willie’s son. It reads…


I know YouTube is basically to make fun of stupid and idiotic events/ people, and trust me I love looking at YouTube too, but it can be really hurtful when it’s your own family. I’m not trying to stop you from posting anything, and I’m defiantly not trying to start anything with you, but just watching this post, literally makes my stomach turn.

Willie J. Smith III, the “bad …. commentator,” is my father. I was about 6 years old when this happened, and trust me watching it on YouTube, like watching it on that day 18 years ago, still makes me hurt badly for my father. He is a three time Olympian, an Olympic Gold Medalist (1984 Los Angeles), a NCAA Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field Champion, a SEC Track and Field Champion, and graduate of Auburn University (1978).

Yes, this clip is probably hilarious to most people, because he does completely mess up but if you knew him, honestly, watching this would make you feel hurt for him.

I’m asking you to please, please take down this video. (I’m actually begging you.) I know I can’t make you do it, but I would truly appreciate it if you did! I would just like to spare my father, and the rest of our family, from re- living this humiliating moment in time. Thanks so much!

What would you do? Please comment.

One comment

  1. I personally know willie myself and he is a great man of God but like his son said if you knew him you would take it off but you dont know him so its like who cares but walk a mile in his sons shoes.

  2. Willie Smith has no son. so please pu the clip back on youtube. If you really knew Willie he is a crack head. Please please put the clip back.

  3. Adam

    How do you know Willie? Do you live in birmingham? Because I know Willie and he has no son!

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