Hello unemployment, remember me?

Wow… 7 months went by fast, huh?

It was the end of November when the powers that be at WaMu let me know that June 30th would be my last day with the bank.

I’ve had one of these days before, it was October 15, 2002 when Oracle (but at that time without notice), said that they didn’t need me anymore. That was the begining of a 13 month time in my life of traveling and well, just having fun.

This time will be a bit different. You know, I am 7 years older and wiser. But this time I have a wedding to help finish plan and a mortgage to pay; which kind of implores the need for a job.

I enjoyed my 3 and a half years at WaMu. There were definitely some smart, fantastic people there. And as my old manager Marcy pointed out to me today- I must have liked it because I stayed there longer than at any other employer!

I’ll miss those people. I’ll miss being downtown almost everyday. I’ll miss my two commutes on the 358. But it’s alright.

With that said, I am off to explore Hungary, Slovenia, and Austria next week. Then Kirsten and I are headed to Iberia in August.

Of course.

I have some other things lined up that I want to do this summer in the downtime between wedding planning and finding a job. So stick to it here on MIKETOWN- I feel that I am going to be more prolific in my updating around here.

I don’t plan to do mucho updating on Facebook (but I probably will), but since I am getting attached to Twitter, you may want to follow me there if you’re tweeting yourself.

Happy Summer!

Oh, and in case you forgot…


  1. You know that you can set up Facebook to auto update your Facebook status from your Twitter updates. No need to post it twice. There are also plenty of mobile phone twitter apps, but you probably already know all this….

  2. Yeah- thanks Rach… I’m going to be keeping the Twitter and Facebook updates separate so we’ll see how that goes!

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