Mini Patio Project: Done

Well, I mentioned that I had a mini paver project on my task list. Well, I started working on it on Thursday by going to Home Depot, and coming up with a layout for some pavers.

I probably got about 25% done and then was on target to finish it off early Saturday afternoon. The thing was that I was a few pavers short because a couple had broken in the process. So I needed 3 to finish the job; I bought 4. I broke 2. UGH!

This morning, Kirsten and I went down to World Market and got a table and two chairs for the soon-to-be-completed patio. This afternoon after going to two different Home Depots to extend my initial plans, I finished the little patio and assembled the Bistro Set.

Here’s what it looks like…

[nggallery id=32]

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