Oooh… I have a buiness idea

OK… so in the midst of all of finalizing of wedding details I think I have found a very small niche that could be capitalized on.

Keg Tubs

Yep, you know the plastic bucket that you put a keg in at a party with some ice to keep it cold?

How much would you expect to pay for one of those? $25, $30??? You’d probably rent one for $5 or $10, right?

Well, here’s the scoop. On the tip that DC mentioned to check out Home Depot I was amazed, nay, astonished that a plastic bucket there was only $5.96.

I feel like there is a money making opportunity here.


One comment

  1. It sounds like there already is a business… Home Depot. But to expand on your idea, the bucket needs to be redesigned.
    -Less tapered sides to better accomodate a keg.
    – Stronger and longer handles.
    -a channel around the inside edge to hold the ice.
    – a drain on the side.

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