I got a job.

Well… it  is my last free weekend being unemployed. I landed a contract position (with a good opportunity to go full-time) with a large company based here in Seattle. I’m very excited to get back to work, I think. I start on Wednesday.

Yesterday, Kirst, Sidira, Dave, & I competed in the Winter Pineapple Classic at Magnussen Park- it was a 5K Obstacle Course that was a ton of fun. It was just a blast and our team beat Ben, Lisa, Brina, and Rene’s team and Jon, Andy, Beth, & Nick’s team. Good times.

So the fun before the start of work isn’t over- I’m off to Philly tonight and heading to Villanova for some alumni meetings and to the Villanova vs. Penn basketball game at The Pavilion. This quick trip will actually ensure that I qualify for 1k on United this year. I don’t know how I did it, but I’ll notch over 100,000 miles this year (but some promo bonuses helped out a bunch) *smile*

That’s it.

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