27 Weeks Along!

27 Weeks

Hey Cupcake!

Well… we’re in the last week of the second trimester and your mom is looking more beautiful than ever. AND you’re gaining a larger presence with each passing day as Mom’s belly begins to grow.

We had a visit to the Midwife’s office  earlier this week and you are measuring right on target. At a gestational age of 26 weeks and 6 days, Mom’s fundal height is at a very normal 23cm (that’s .1258 fathoms).

We are constantly feeling you kicking around in the belly especially right when we wake up in the morning, but more so around 9p every night. Each day we settle in and get ready for the “Cupcake Show” and every night we get so excited. Mom even says that she thinks you get the hiccups every once in a while. Dad thought it was a tad bit weird, but it actually isn’t unusual at all.

Things at your soon-to-be home are getting busy. We are having some new hardwood floors installed and there’s a big pile of wood in our living room right now. After that project is finished, we’re going to have new carpet put in upstairs. In about a year you’ll be crawling all over the place so we want to make sure you have the best surface to do that on!

We’re getting more and more excited to have you on the outside with us, but we know that it’s very important for you to stay in that incubator of Mom’s belly for the next 13 weeks. But today was kind of special.

Since Mom works with people who perform ultrasounds she was super nice (you’ll learn that she is always super-nice) to let them test their new ultrasound machine on her… and you. Dad wasn’t there because it just happened out of the blue, but Mom got  an amazingly hi-tech view inside her belly to see you. You’re still pretty bashful of the camera, but they ultrasound technician was able to catch you sucking your thumb. They were also able to catch a shot of your face; and although it seems like cheating a little bit we were able to catch a glimpse of your beautiful face. It was a moment that made Mom tear up and it just made us more excited and anxious for the end of May to come.

But, we still don’t know if you’re a boy or a girl. Each time we look at the photo we think one. Then, 5 minutes later we think the other. One thing that we do know is that we love you more than anything else and we are so excited to meet you.

I wonder what other people think by seeing this photo?

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