10 Months

Wow Jasper, it’s time to celebrate 10 months of living. You are now crawling with ease (but sometimes you regress to scooting and army crawling because you are much faster that way) and moving all around the house. The tupperware drawer is a favorite of yours’ and you do a great job of emptying the bottom drawer and playing with your bowls, spoons, and food containers; it’s also a great way to keep you entertained as mama & papa can empty the dishwasher or do other chores in the Kitchen.

You’re still enjoying eating and trying news foods. You’re now able to to pick up pieces of food from the tray and put them in your mouth. Granted, a majority of the pieces end up on the floor or on you, but it’s getting better and better as your dexterity improves.

Last weekend we went on our first trip to the Seattle Aquarium with your friends Megan, Bridget, Jon, & Lisa. We got to see the new baby sea otter and you had so much fun being close to the fishes in the tanks.

Alrighty bud, we love you so much and are so amazed that you have been with us for 5/6 of a year. The time has flown by and we have enjoyed watching you grow into your own unique being and person!

Entranced at the Aquarium.