31,622,400 seconds

527,040 minutes

8,784 hours

366 days

52 weeks

12 months

1 year

Jasper! One year. It’s so hard to believe that a year has gone by since your surprising decision to join the outside world early. Looking back the time has flown by… but at some points it has gone amazingly slow.

We have loved every second of watching you turn into a little boy. The first month in the NICU wasn’t ideal, but being there every day began our relationship as we watched you start to grow. We celebrated every little accomplishment and progress from getting off of the CPAP, to exiting the isolette, to having the NG Tube removed, to counting your growth in decagrams, to getting you home.

From there we enjoyed a fun summer, autumn, and winter enjoying every little accomplishment. Rolling over. Sitting up. Eating solids. Crawling. Pulling yourself up to stand.

We are so proud just watching you grow and exploring the world around you. We can’t imagine a day without you here with us.

We are excited to celebrate your next accomplishment and then each one after that.

Happy 1st Birthday, Jasper.  There aren’t any words to describe how much we love you.

Love, Mama & Papa

PS- Happy Easter

Number 1