At the pumpkin patch!

Kirsten and I took Jaspy to the pumpkin patch on Saturday (we went to Stocker Farms up in Snohomish)… and since it was Kirsten’s first Pumpkin Patch trip as well, I essentially took Jasper and Kirsten on their first visit.

It wasn’t the driest farm visit, but we had fun. After a little bit of hesitation, Jasper realized he had the OK to go wherever he wanted. He had so much fun roaming through the field- stepping over and tripping over the pumpkin plants and pointing at various shaped (and colored) gourds.

He was very successful with his mission: locating his pumpkin, a pumpkin for Mama, and even one for Ollie.

We know more fun will be in store in future years when Jasper is excited to play in the Maize Maze and the rest of the Autumnal Play Area that they have set up.

Here are some of the photos…