A Million Miles with United Airlines

MMOn Sunday morning I took off from San Francisco airport to head home to Seattle. 37 miles after takeoff, I crossed an important milestone in my travel adventures; my One-Millionth Mile as a paid customer on United Airlines.

That is about 40 times around the planet.

I started my loyalty with the Mileage Plus program shortly after moving to Seattle in 2000 and working at Oracle. Those first years of being a Washingtonian I was on the road more than I was in the Emerald City; North Jersey, Louisville, Atlanta, Birmingham, Northern Virginia, Sydney, Singapore, Frankfurt, San Francisco.

In three years I flew over 400,000 miles.

From there, a shift took place over the next 11 years. As business travel decreased, leisure travel took on more of the mileage. With the exception of 2012 (that saw 5 trips to Asia for work), the next 600,000 would be mostly personal travel.

The benefits of being a Million Miler? They’ve been watered down over time, but I will maintain Premier Gold status (50k miles and $6000 spent yearly) no matter how much I spend and fly… for the rest of my life. Additionally, Kirsten will share the same status that I have which will help when she is flying without me. It also increases the chances of all three of us being upgraded when we travel as a family.

I only have my flights from 2007 logged (I’ve heard that United will send a list of all of your historical flights shortly after hitting the milestone). But I’ve dug into my memory to add other flights I’ve taken to make maps.

I’ve broken them out regionally, so here they are. Again, these are paid flights on United Airlines only.





North America


 Timelapse Video of Taxi & Takeoff

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