MIKETOWN gift ideas for your guy


I don’t know who I think I am with a guys’ gift guide for the holidays, but since a couple of people have asked for suggestions, here are some of the ideas that popped into my head.

Dremel– every guy loves this little, yet versatile tool. This multi-speed rotary tool can sand, cut, grind, file…

Metal Collar Stays– if you want your collars to stay down, don’t rely on cheap, flimsy pieces of plastic. Plus, your guy will be more apt to save them and use them because of the heft that they have.

Vintage Sports clothes– Whether it’s for your Villanova Wildcats, Washington Huskies, or Seattle Seahawks, you kinda can’t go wrong here.

Bluetooth Speaker– cables are so 1990s. Bluetooth speakers nowadays have quality sound, long battery-life. They’re portable for the boat, trips, the deck, or for doing yardwork. We keep the Jawbone Big Jambox in the kitchen and have a mini Jambox for the road (Amazon’s speaker gets good reviews too at a really nice price point..

Electronic Flosser– Odds are your guy is bad at flossing. Maybe if he has toy to do it, he’ll be more apt to be aware of his dental hygeine. Check out the Philips Sonicare HX8331/11 Airfloss Pro Rechargeable Electric Flosser.

Strideline socks– your guy just wants to have a reason to wear fun socks when he’s watching the game on the couch.

Cold Brew Maker/Caraffe– Sure, it’s 36 degrees out side, but when it warms up you’ll be ready for the continuation of the Cold Brew summer trend. This one from Primula gets awesome reviews and removes the hassle out of the filtering process.

Moleskin Notebook– Yeah, everyone has one, including your guy… but he doesn’t want to spend more than $3 on a notebook.

Shaving– last March I started subscribing to Dollar Shave Club. The premise worked for me. I found myself trying to get “one more shave” from my razor because blades were so expensive. And then, another shave, and another, and another week. If your guy does the same, this monthly subscription can take care of that.

Slippers– I really have no recs on slippers. But something that is comfy (but not bulky) and can be worn outside (because at 10:49pm he’s going to remember that the garbage is being picked up the next morning) always works.

Note for Kirsten: just because I don’t have something on this list, doesn’t mean that I want it for Christmas. 🙂 #loveyoumeanit