September 11th

Let’s all try to take a moment and think about September 11, 2001 on this, the two-year anniversary… On that day, I was working in Parsippany, NJ when the word of the plane crashes came through. Being in North Jersey, there were many people who had loved ones in Manhattan and their reactions will be in my memory forever. We got word to get out of NJ. Going around NY and north to connecticut wasn’t really an option b/c the GW Bridge and the Tappan Zee were already backed up for hours. So I headed south to Philadelphia. I stayed w/ Jack & Chris and Lauren happened to be home then too… Wow! It’s a trip to think that two years has passed already…

Anyways, Kip, D6, K2 and I are off to the Pendleton Roundup. So, I hope you can live w/o an update to the Blog until sunday or monday!

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