Pendleton Roundup

Sept 15… OK, well I’m back from the Pendleton Roundup. It was a very fun-filled weekend, as expected. A great time was had by all! A huge shout out of thanks for a great weekend to EK, Christy, Seb, Foster, Justin plus the surprise drop-in from Sam & Joy. And, of course, my trusty Road Trippers, Kip, K2 & D6 who made the 290 mile drive extremely fun and enjoyable! We made it down on thursday w/ no problems and had a very exciting weekend at the rodeo, the Let ‘Er Buck room and Crabby’s (plus no one got in trouble this year!). Oddly enough, my camera never came out of the car, so there aren’t any pictures… Sorry… I am convinced that the E! Channel needs to come to the Roundup for an episode of “Wild On…” There is NO experience in the world like the Let ‘Er Buck Room, plain and simple… and oh yea, one of the Big 4 Rodeos is going on too!…

It’s Monday, it’s WINGDOME NIGHT!

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