Why Am I Shooting a Gun?

UGHH! What is this? I went outside to get the paper and I can see my breath! Grrr… it’s still Spetember!…

It’s wednesday and it’s been a fun day already! Before the usual trek to Starbucks, I went for a nice 44 minute run around the lake, took a shower and then went to the *$$! The employees had never seen me clean and w/o bed-head…

Then I was off to Redmond to a gun range w/ my old manager (pictures of me shooting a Sig P226 are here). I don’t think I’ll become a card carrying NRA Member, but I had fun…

I’m hosting trivia tonight at Dante’s, I think you want to go. Because I was too hard on the crowd last week, I let them select 3 of 5 categories for this week- WWII, Husky Sports, and Beverly Hills 90210. Sept 16…

UGH! ONE MONTH UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY!!!… I think it is definitely winter time already here in Seattle. Gray, wet, 57°F. Yuck! I went to the Greenwood Library today and picked up Teach Yourself Swedish, so I’m going to try and teach myself a new language!…

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