Beat the Yankees

Yippee! Red Sox are up 1-0 with a 5-2 win over the Yankees! How funny was Buck, McCarver and Booney last night making fun of Ed Hillel- “Objective” Yankee Fan!… My friend’s commentary for Game 1:

As for Game 1 it unfolded before my eyes just as if I had scripted it. Our bats finally awake and hitting bombs off the great Yankee pitching staff.

And then WAKE!!! Who would have though he’d have a 2 hitter for us in Game one of the ALCS. I really need Lowe to dominate tonight so we can really start to apply the pressure. Losing the first two games at home will send George ballistic! And Game 3 Pedro v Clemens becomes a must win for them.

At the Fen in the playoffs in a must win Roger’s head might actually explode! I am trying to contain my jubulation over Game 1 but this earns us at least a split and that is huge considering we are playing with a short stack in our lineup and we are facing their best pitchers in Games 1 and 2.

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