Trying to get Sox Tickets

Well, Mike, And and I gave it the good ‘ol college try in trying to get RedSox tickets online earlier. After about 35 minutes, the Virtual Waiting Room informed me that there were no more tickets available. My phone and internet assault on the Red Sox Box Office was fruitless, but man, was it fun!… Also, a very kind beantown lass has obtained a “COWBOY UP” t-shirt for me. Props to her!… OK, I guess leaving the Bronx with a 1-1 split and Pedro set to pitch Game 3 isn’t the worst situation to be in… I only sacked up to watch the game through the bottom of the 5th w/ D6 & K2 before I had to go to bowling… I was able to bowl a 105 and a 144 last night while watching the final inning out of the corner of my eye!

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