Another week down the drain

After work, I went to a 7pm Yoga class at a yoga studio closeby. It was definitely different than the Bikram Yoga I did 3 weeks back, but I definitely enjoyed it and will be going back soon…

And then to answer the popular inquiry of what did Mike have for dinner? I shall answer. Prior to yoga, I had some yogurt, cheese and Wheat Thins. After yoga and during Survivor, I had two Boca Burgers on english muffins, wheat thins and some edmame along w/ a Miller Lite- Yum! Yum!…

How the hell did those people on Survivor vote Rudy off? Are they cracked in the skull? Honestly. I mean what does Jenna Lewis have to offer?… A bunch of us went to the Kiwi & Kangaroo last night for their Quiz night. We’ve made the move from Dante’s in 2004 with hopes of winning cash prizes. It was our 4th attempt to win, and we were foiled, yet again. Don’t the people there know who WE are??? I’m thinking that the return of ‘Not The Old CD’ will occur next week- both in name and outcome…

So I’ve had to get some tests for diseases done for work. I am happy to inform y’all that I am immune to Rubeola, Rubell, & Mumps as well as a negative reaction to ever having been exposed to the Tuberculin bacteria- Whew… I feel so much better now!…

This morning I unexpectedly woke early and went for a morning run. It was quite brisk out and the toe that has been bugging me for a while- began bugging even more. I found out this week that it’s a pulled tendon and the recovery for it can be up to 4 months. Which means, two more months of discomfort…

MIKETOWN Feedback of (Yester)Day- I’m very pleased with the new design and layout of version 3.1. You keep raising the standards of MIKETOWN to increasingly higher levels… pretty soon your tall frame may actually be able to walk under that bar. –Bill D. in NYC

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