Busy Sunday

Ahhh Sunday has just been a perfectly calm day of doing nothing besidces hanging out at Starbucks (trying) to do the Crossword Puzzle and walking around the Lake w/ K2 & Lakota. I wanted to get some laundry done, but that didn’t happen. Oh well… Well, I had a very fun saturday. After a visit to Starbucks, I ran some errands, then made my way down to Boeing Field to check out the Museum of Flight. It was so cool to see so many airplanes. The place was packed with crowds who were there for a model airplane show as well as to see the 40th Anniversary of the Beatles Invasion. The latter didn’t allow me the opportunity to check out the newly landed Concorde, but I was able to tour the Air Force One that carried the newly sworn-in LBJ out of Dallas in 1963. I also noticed that I was two days early for the 35th Anniversary of the first 747 flight… After that, the sun peeked out and I went for a run around the lake… the night ended with my first time ever going to see a ballet. Nina and I went to go see the Dance Theatre of Harlem at the Paramount and had an amazing time! I was so amazed at how easy the artists performed and danced with such grace and beauty.

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