In India!

Kirsten and I made the flights from Seattle to Copenhagen to Delhi.

After the 9 hour flight in coach and arriving at CPH we visited the SAS Lounge that I have access to for being a StarGold flyer on United. I have been through this lounge before but it wasn’t as nice as I remembered, but I suspect that’s b/c I’ve hit more lounges through Asia in the past 5 years that have been AWESOME.

Checking in for our flight from CPH to Delhi we were upgraded to Economy Extra, which gave marginally better service, but much more legroom for the the 7 hour flight to DEL.

Upon arrival, customs in India was a breeze but we waited about 45 minutes for our bags to come off (I swear that all 3 were the last 3 to get off).

The timing was perfect as Brina and Matt had just arrived to pick us up in the taxi at 645a.

From there, we dropped Matt at off the Embassy and mosy’d back to the flat in Vasant Vihar. Kirsten, Brina, and I chilled for the morning.

Around noon we hit up the Mela bazaar. The drive there was a great introduction to Indian driving and traffic- which seemingly requires all drivers to lay on the horn when they approach another vehicle.

While we were shopping, it seemed like we were celebrities… I guess many Indians don’t see a 6’5″ garo with two blondes too often. So we posed for a number of photos and shook many hands.

We checked out some National handicrafts from around the country, made some purchases, and went back to Matt & Brina’s.

K & I took a 2 hour power nap, woke up and had some Indian Food (of course they just call it food here) that Matt & Brina had ordered in.

We went out for drinks with some other State Department folks and went to bed around 11.

Today we’re off to the bus station and then to Jaipur!


  1. Sounds like you’re off to another fab adventure! I love that I know more about what you’re up to when you’re off galavanting in India then when we’re in the same city! Ahh the cyber world 🙂 Have a blast and say hi to Kirsten 🙂

  2. Colin and Maeve are waiting for their postcards as usual . . . especially after seeing all the hype over the weekend about the kids from “Slumdog Millionaire”

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