The Story of You, Cupcake

Your first piggy bank! Aunt Jen filled it with lucky pennies for you.

We guess there isn’t a lot to share at this point, but want to start the process of documenting your life. We know time will go by so fast and we really don’t want to forget all of these moments.

First things first, we’ll be referring to you as Cupcake from now until we give you a proper name. Dad called you Cupcake one day and it stuck.

Giving you a proper name won’t take place until you decide to have a birthday because we aren’t going to find out what’s going on between your legs before then. Boys like cupcakes too (think Bourbon Eggnog and Chocolate Guinness Stout from Trophy Cupcakes), so it’s not like we’re hoping for a girl.

We’ve decided to start with a timeline of events to date to catch you and everyone else up on what has been going on in our lives for the past 14 weeks.

20 September 2010 approximately 6:20PM – we found out about you. Good thing your mom is a midwife and was able to snag a few UPTs on the way home from the office (though she didn’t really need to take them, she pretty much knew you were setting up shop in her uterus). Happy, happy night indeed!

3 October 2010 – you and your mom ran your first ½ Marathon together in Leavenworth, WA. One of your mom’s favorite races, she wouldn’t miss it! Despite the overwhelming urge to throw up on her good friend (sorry about that, Steve!) for the first 3 miles, you guys still managed to run a 1:41 ½ Marathon! Your mom spent the rest of the weekend “fake drinking” with the help of her good friend Heather Kelly so the rest of the crew wouldn’t be suspicious that she wasn’t enjoying a post-race beer at the Festhalle. Your mom and dad just weren’t ready to announce you yet, so only two people knew about you!

11 October 2010 – Our 1st Midwife appointment. Your mom got to see what it’s like to be on the other side of a prenatal appointment and your dad got a little bit of insight into what your mom does at work! You were still too little for us to hear a heartbeat, but we did get a lot of reassurance knowing you were stretching out Mom’s uterus!

29 October 2010 – Your dad just got home from a 2-week business trip in Asia. Mom borrowed a Doppler from work and for the first time, we got to hear your heart beating. It took your mom a good 5 minutes to find you, and just as her eyes starting welling up, that sweet thumping noise came through the speaker. (And she’s seriously only listened a few times outside of her appointments).

It may have been the 1 millionth time that Mom heard the sound of a baby’s heart, and the first for Dad- but for both of us it was the most amazing pitter-patter that either of us had heard in our entire lives.

2 November 2010 – Mom went to Hawaii for a conference.  Dad met up with you and mom and you all got some good R&R in. The weather wasn’t great, but you were draining major energy from your mom, so the extra time to sleep and read was just what the midwife ordered.

7 November 2010 – Your cousin Noel Kellen made his appearance into this world! Mom & Dad were at SFO (don’t worry, you’ll soon know every airport code thanks to your Dad) when they got the news.

8 November 2010 – we got to see you on camera for the first time! What an awesome experience to see you in Mom’s belly.

Dad got to see what Mom had been feeling for 12 weeks.

14 Weeks

16 November 2010 – Midwife Appointment #2. This time, we got to listen to your heartbeat in the office and you were already measuring about ½ way between your mom’s pubic bone and her belly button. Your mom had gained 2 pounds since her last visit!

21 November 2010 – You and your Mom ran your first marathon together in Philadelphia. This was your mom’s first marathon, and while initially she was a bit nervous to continue training, running was the only thing that gave her more energy. So your mom would turn on her iPod and together you ran…and ran…and ran. Your mom finished her first marathon in 3 hours and 57 minutes. Not too bad for her first time, and while being 13 ½ weeks pregnant. She felt GREAT the whole race and finished with a huge smile on her face. Your dad, by the way, is pretty much the most awesome athletic supporter in the world.

You had your first cheesesteak today!

25 November 2010 – Thanksgiving. SO many things to be thankful for this year, but for sure, you were the top of the list. Your Mom & Dad decided to tell your family that you were on the way! We got squeals and tears and hugs when we made the announcement.

30 November 2010 – The Word is Officially Out! We announced to everyone else that you were there.

14 December 2010 – Midwife Appointment #3. A whole lot of gabbing – mainly about where you were going to be born (insurance stuff – don’t worry, your mom will complain enough about insurance companies later). You measured about 3 fingerbreadths below her belly button and your heartbeat was strong. Your mom hadn’t gained any weight since her last visit, but it wasn’t a worry – you’ve grown perfectly!

18 Weeks

25 December 2010 – Christmas. Maybe, just maybe, your mom felt you move for the first time. Still a little hard to tell. Ollie (your soon-to-be-best-furry-friend) was sitting on her tummy so it was really hard to tell if it was just a coincidence. Babcia and Dziadek (Connecticut Grandma and Grandpa), Aunt Jen, Aunt Kim, Uncle Matt, Colin and Mave bought you lots of books for your book shelf. Aunt Kelsey and Uncle Eric had a personalized onesie made for you! And your dad bought you your first of many Sounders jerseys. We can’t wait to see you wearing them!


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