Cupcake, The Story of You Continues

Your 1st Piece of Art

The story of you continues…

So far, January has been pretty busy on the house-front. Your mom and dad have been painting and finishing all the house projects before you decide to have a birthday.

1st January 2011 – You and your mom ran a 5K this morning – the Resolution Run. A few years ago, she convinced her friends Dave, Sidira, and Ben that it was worth getting out of bed early on a holiday to jump into a cold lake…. Now they are officially addicted and joined in on the fun! Normally, your mom is one of those crazy people that takes the plunge into Lake Washington to celebrate a new year – and this one is REALLY worth celebrating! Mom decided to stay out of the 40- degree water so you wouldn’t turn into an ice cube. Everyone had a great time during the race, then we spent the day hanging out at Ben & Sid’s for an excellent brunch.

3 January 2011- Mom & Dad were in the U-Village doing some post-holiday shopping when we came across the first piece of art for your room. Even though the only thing in your room right now is the paint on the wall, Mom fell in love with your first decoration- an ABC canvas of locations from Around the World. We both thought that it was perfect for any child of ours’. And without hesitation bought it. Hopefully you are excited to visit the places and experience all the cultures of the world like we do.

12 January 2011 – Your mom is 100% sure she’s feeling you kick around in there – SUCH a wonderful feeling! She was pretty sure she had been feeling you for about wo weeks, but this time there was no mistaking that movement!

13 January 2011 – Another FANTASTIC day! You had your “big” photo shoot!

Mom & Dad went to this super cutting-edge, hi-tech medical appointment. The person in the medical office used a magic wand on Mom’s belly to create images of you inside.

It was your 20-week “ultrasound” (or “Fetal Survey” as they say in the obstetrical world). Basically they used cyclic sound pressure with a frequency greater than the upper limit of human hearing. Although this limit varies from person to person, it is approximately 20 kilohertz (20,000 hertz), but you know this already, of course.

Mom had SUCH a fun time seeing the detail that goes into the ultrasound and your dad asked so many questions. Being that your mom works closely with the perinatology office that did the ultrasound, your parents felt they got a little VIP treatment during the appointment. One of your mom’s favorite perinatologists, Dr. Harding, read the ultrasound and was happy to tell us you look PERFECT! The ultrasonographer, Allison, said you should be in a textbook, which made your dad VERY proud. Your mom jokingly reminded your dad that being in medical textbooks isn’t always a good thing… but we know you’re happy and healthy in there!


Here's your foot!

You’re being shy in this picture and have your forearms in front of your face.

Here's a Profile View- hopefully you don't get Dad's nose.
Later in the day, Dad put his hand on Mom’s tiny little belly and, from the outside, felt your kick too. An amazing experience for him and one that brought a tear to his eye.

Everyone has been asking the big question – Boy or Girl? Answer – we don’t know. Allison is the only person that knows. She has to look to make sure that everything is normal, which it is, and that is all we know and care about – you are healthy. Allison warned your mom before she measured the legs so that she wouldn’t catch a peek at what was developing between your legs.

We really want to wait until you let out that first scream and tell us yourself. We are pretty sure you’re going to have your dad’s nose (and maybe a bit of Homer Simpson in your upper lip). You were super active, which is always reassuring. We just can’t wait to see you and hold you – late May/early June can’t come fast enough. For now, you just keep growing and moving around in there and we’ll see you in a few months.


Big Stats for the Big Photo Shoot
Age in weeks – 21 weeks 1 day
Age by ultrasound – 20 weeks 2 days
Weight – 13 oz
Cuteness – infinite

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