We like the way you move!

22 Weeks

You’ve been having quite the party in your mom’s belly for the past two weeks. She is feeling you move every day and when she is on her back and very still, she and Dad can SEE you move! You seem to get really annoyed when Ollie is purring on her belly and like to try to kick him off. Your mom really loves to feel you dancing around in there, so keep up the cardio!

18 January 2011 – You and your mom went to your 4th midwife appointment. Your mom loves her midwife visits!

Today your mom’s fundal height (FH as seen in charts) was measuring perfectly and your heartbeat was strong and steady. The fundal height is measured in centimeters from the pubic bone to the top of the uterus. It roughly correlates to your age in weeks and lets the midwife know that you’re growing well. Pretty amazing how with so many different body shapes and sizes, that measurement is usually consistent!

Age in weeks – 21 6/7 weeks

Fundal height – 18.5 cm

Your mom and dad have been busy working on the house. They are picking out pretty new floors to put in before you get here; hardwoods on the main floor and carpet upstairs. They also finished most of the painting and have picked out most if the furniture for your room. Once the floors are finished, they’ll start setting up your room and will post some pictures when it’s all done.

Your dad also found it very funny that while they were out shopping, Mom bought some new clothes for you. Don’t worry – she didn’t buy boring gender neutral clothes…. she bought an assortment of boy clothes and girl clothes. You’ll be one well-dressed kiddo either way.

Cupcake, Ollie is waiting patiently for you.


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