Jasper, Your 5 Day Update

Hey Jasper! We hope that you’ve been comfy in your room in the NICU for the past 5 days. We’re having fun watching the various monitors and figuring out what makes you happy and things that don’t.

Things that make you happy

  • Hanging out with Mama and Papa
  • Sleeping on your stomach
  • Being able to stretch out your legs
  • Taking off the sunglasses that you’re wearing for “photo therapy”

Things that you’re not fond of…

  • CPAP (that’s the face mask that you’re wearing).  Papa calls it your “Snorkle” and you try to pull it off daily
  • Having your blood taken
  • Having your temperature taken

The past few days have been really good, buddy.  You’ve shown everyone how unnecessary most of these machines and IVs really are!  Yesterday, they took out one of your IVs. Now, your CPAP is now down to room air only (not Rumierre as your papa thought for the first 48 hours) and you’ll hopefully be taken off of that soon.


During the nurse’s report this morning, you were noted to be “crabby!”.  We all figured it was just because you hadn’t been able to eat for two days.  Don’t you worry bud… mama is the same way when she doesn’t get to eat. Today, you got to eat some more of mama’s milk! Hopefully you’re feeling better now with a full tummy after breakfast, lunch, AND dinner!

Mom got to hold you twice today, which was just awesome.  The pictures you had taken of your heart, lungs and stomach all look great and all of your blood tests have been perfect.  We just have to get your lungs a little stronger and start filling up that tummy of yours!

You just keep growing and adjusting to life on the outside, little man.  Jasper, we love you more than anything and are so excited for the day we get to bring you home.

Sweet dreams, bud.

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