Look at you breathing on your own!

Hey Jasper, well the great news from the NICU is that your CPAP (remember, that’s the “Snorkel”) is off! Then, after a day of sporting a nasal cannula (that was just a little tube in your nose for extra oxygen), that is gone too. The funny story about that is when the nurse’s came into check on you on Wednesday night, you had removed it from your nostrils and were sucking on it!

That means you are breathing room air on your own without any assistance or supplemental oxygen. This is a great step of progress because this shows that your tiny little lungs are able to breathe by themselves.

When you look at these pictures you may say, “Well, what the hell is that tube up my nose?” Since you’re just at 34 weeks, your suck and swallow reflexes are just forming so that tube is helping get mama’s milk to your belly while letting you concentrate solely on breathing. Those three things are difficult to do all at once.

Now, your next two tasks to accomplish are to regulate your body temperature and get fat! You gained two and a half ounces over Friday night and currently weigh a nice, round 1600 grams.

Once you beef up a little bit, they will be able to remove you from this isolette. That will allow mama and papa to hold you a little more frequently- which is something everyone is looking forward to.

Jasper- mama and papa love you so much. We’ve said it before and everyday the feeling grows- we never thought that we could ever love something so small, so much. We’re so proud of you.

Keep growing. We’re here with you watching you progress.

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