“Look at me, PICC line free!”

Hey Jasper!

Today, you are two weeks old (+1 day). Mama and Papa can hardly believe that it’s been that long already! You are getting so much stronger every day, bud. We couldn’t be more proud of you.

Your mama and papa want to brag about all you’ve accomplished this week:

  1. Got off CPAP and nasal cannula
  2. Moved out of your isolette
  3. Had your arterial line AND your PICC line taken out
  4. Started tolerating your full feeds of breastmilk with very little spit up
  5. Started practicing BREASTFEEDING (YAY!)
  6. Finally broke 4 pounds

Wow – what an incredible week! If you keep this up, we’ll be out of this NICU in no time!

You like to be awake in the mornings between about 7:30 and 10:30, then you sleep soundly until the afternoon. Your favorite place to be is in your mama’s arms. Now that you’re out of the isolette, the two of you get to spend a lot of the days snuggled together.

Papa got home from Boston on Friday and your mom is so excited to have the three of you back together again.

We’re here with you every day, sweet boy. We love you so very much, Jasper.

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