Wow- 6 Months Has Gone by Fast!

Wow.  6 months old.  Almost exactly to the minute.  Mama looked at the clock at 5:49 when we started to write this post.

Jaspy – we can’t believe how fast time has gone.  It seems like just yesterday, Mama and Papa were writing the first “Cupcake” post on Miketown.   So much has happened since April 8, 2011!

23 August – You boarded a plane for the first time!  We headed to the other coast so that Babcia and Jaji could see how much you’ve grown and also so that you could meet your Uncle Matt, Aunt Kim, and cousins Colin and Maeve.  You were a GREAT traveller, bud.  You didn’t make a single peep!  You just snuggled in with Mama and Papa and slept most of the way.  You must love flying as much as your Papa does.

22 September – We made our way North to Vancouver, BC for your first international trip.  You were good luck for the Sounders as they won 3-1!

28 September – You had your appointment with the Children’s Therapy Department so they could see your progress since you left the hospital.  You are right on track!  We are still using your “Adjusted Age” (which currently is about 4 ½ months) to monitor your developmental milestones.   Papa found it quite funny that the therapist stated you “socialize like a 6 month old”.   The therapists were so happy to see how well you’re doing and how much you’ve grown since they last saw you in the NICU!

Here are some of the things we love watching you do:

  • Roll over
  • Blow bubbles
  • Grab toys in front of you (and promptly put them in your mouth)
  • Grab your feet (and promptly put them in your mouth)
  • Sit up (you just did this unassisted for the first time yesterday!)
  • Coo (and just starting to babble)
  • Push yourself up on your knees during tummy time
  • Turn around in circles during tummy time

Mama’s absolute FAVORITE thing in the world is listening to you laugh.  There will never be a better sound.

You are drooling up a storm, so we’re pretty sure your first few teeth will be making an appearance soon.  You are also starting to scoot backwards when you’re on your tummy.   If you take after your Mama, you’ll be crawling in no time.

Mama went back to work in early September and you’ve been spending time with Granny Jan while Mama and Papa are at work.  You enjoy spending time with Granny and she absolutely LOVES spending time with you.  Mama misses you so very much when she is at work, but knows you are in good hands.
Jasper, you are nothing short of amazing.  Every day we love you more than we ever thought was possible.  Watching you grow and learn and explore the world is just so exciting.   We are so proud of you, and feel so lucky to be your parents.

Happy 6 month birthday, sweet boy.  Sleep tight.

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