Jasper & the Solids

Well, the plan was to introduce Jasper to Solids on Thanksgiving when he was 6-months adjusted. The thought of having Jaspy eat solids (sweet potatoes maybe???) for first time with the local family was an ideal plan… BUT our little guy was showing all the signs of physical progress that we introduced something besides breast milk to Jasper for the first time on November 3rd.

The first meal was nothing special; just some simple Rice Cereal. If you check out the video he enjoyed every little bit of his new food…

Rice Cereal

A week or so later after having rice cereal for dinner, we gave Jasper some banana. He welcomed the new taste and did well eating, but the faces he made werent all that pleasant.


Following the Banana Experiment me progressed on to Avocado. And wow, has it been a hit with Jasper. Although it seems he wears most of the avocado, he goes through most of what we give him (about a quarter).


So, keep on eating little man. We hope you continue to love your fruits veggies and grow up big and strong.


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