Wow- 8 Months

I don't know what this thing on my head is, but I kinda like it.

Wow Jaspy… 2/3 of a year. The time really has flown by; the past month especially. You’ve been eating more and more and solids (we just tried peas for the first time yesterday) and you’re becoming increasingly mobile as each day passes.

With Christmas and The New Year right around the corner, we sat you in front of our beautiful Noble Fir tree for your 8 month picture.

It is so much fun for mama & papa to watch you grow and progress. Every day we are able to notice the smallest advances in your little world; whether it is crawling to mama, pulling yourself up onto papa’s lap, or simply cooing in your crib keeping yourself entertained at 5:23 in the morning waiting for your parents to wake up.

As each day goes by, we love you so much more and we are excited for your first Christmas and January 1st with us as a family.