Jasper’s First Week of School

Jasper's 1st Art Project. What is it?

The time has come Jasper. Last week you started school!

You’re not going full time, just three days a week.

When mama dropped you off on the first day it was a tough one for the two of you. Even though both of you cried a little bit, everyone got through it and you had a great time playing with new friends and teachers.

Everyone is still getting used to the new routine, but there is no doubt in Mama & Papa’s mind that this will foster your growth into being a little boy.

Your favorite part of new school is eating, but you enjoy playing outside, music class, reading time, establishing your art skills, and becoming multi-lingual! Pretty soon you’ll be teaching Mama & Papa how to count to 10 in Chinese & Spanish.

Every time we sit down, we are amazed at how fast you are growing up and how much you change every week. We are looking forward to each new skill you learn and are cherishing everyday.

We love you and can’t believe how our baby is turning into a little boy.

Happy Boy on Day 1
Jasper & Mama on the First Day!