1 Year, 1 Month

My pants are too long for my legs!

Well Hey Jasper,

You are 13 months old today, WOW! On top of that, over the weekend we celebrated Cinco de Mayo- for lots of people, it’s an excuse to go out to eat nachos and drink margaritas, Coronas, & Dos Equis. But, we celebrate 5/5 as NICU Liberation Day!

May 5th was the day when you said ‘Adios’ to the NICU and went home with us to West Seattle for good. We celebrated the one-year anniversary in British Columbia.

Surprisingly, on the drive up to Canada, you got your first ever passport stamp. Hopefully, many more will come to fill up your passports, now and in the future.

Mama and Papa were both supposed to run the Vancouver [Half] Marathon, but your papa was a Race Day scratch. Mama wasn’t able to train as much as she would have loved, but she ran so fast to get back to her Jaspy. It was her first major race since the Philadelphia Marathon when she ran 26.2 miles with you in her belly!

You had so much fun in Vancouver with Cousin Noel. You enjoyed being pushed around in your BOB and pointing at everything in sight. But, we do think, your most favorite thing was the hotel room. You had so much fun showing off your “backing down” skills by lowering yourself off of the bed, and you spent minutes (trust us, that is a long time nowadays) entertaining yourself in the floor to ceiling curtains or staring outside of the windows.

Now, you’re 13 months old. And, you will be starting school next week! You’re growing into a little boy slowly gaining the courage to take a step by yourself. Your words are beginning to form for ‘kitty’, ‘ball’, ‘book’, ‘bird’, and ‘granny’.

You’re no longer our 1 Year Old; you’re now our One-and-one-twelfth-year-old! We love you so much and enjoy every day watching you grow.