¡Adios, NICU!

Hey Jasper, it’s been 3 weeks and 6 days since you joined us in the outside world. And it has been one where you’ve shown continuous progress, from breathing on your own, to maintaining your own body temperature, and, the longer task- eating exclusively by your mouth.

Well, we knew that you have been slowly taking in more and more of mama’s milk and were slowly packing on the pounds.

This morning when Mama & Papa went into the NICU we saw that your weight was at 2230 grams (4lbs, 14.6oz). Then, the nurse had told your parents that the Neonatal Nurse Practicioner (NNP) had signed your discharge orders!!!

¡Adios, NICU! You were ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at home!

"I loved my stay here in the NICU, but I have to move on to bigger and better things..."

The reality is that Mama & Papa had a good feeling that you would be heading home today- but they didn’t get their hopes up, or for that matter, believe it until you were buckled up in your Car Seat that cousin Noel gave you and ready to leave the the hospital.

Last week, the possibility of you bustin’ out of the joint was mentioned by one of the NNPs. She had noted that you feedings were consistent and growing.

There were two last hurdles to jump- the first was to have sub-therapeutic levels of caffeine in your system. In your first few weeks you were given caffeine to make sure that your heart rate and breathing wouldn’t slow down too much. When you were tested last Saturday, your levels were at the low level needed to show that you were doing everything on your own.

Essentially, this started a 5-Day Countdown.

For the next five days, you were still monitored and if you showed zero “episodes” you would be sent home. This meant any sustained irregularities in your heart rate, breathing, or oxygen levels for more than 30 seconds.

The first three days went by fine and excitement and anxiety began to set in. We finished up your nursery. Mama started to take inventory of items we needed and went shopping. Papa got the house and yard ready and installed your car seat.

We were as ready as we’d ever be for you.

On the way home in the car from the hospital, Mama & Papa were still in shock. After 3 weeks and 6 days in the NICU, we were bringing our boy home!

We are happy. We are complete.


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